Thanks to our relevant experience we can assist you in different legal questions you may have and provide you with an efficient answer through sound advice. We pride ourselves in being creative thinkers when approaching an issue in order to bring you a legal and pragmatic solution.

Legal Assistance

Legal obligations are piling up, both on the individual as on corporations.

Our expertise will help you find your way through this maze, be it in straight-forward topics such as construction law, disputes regarding deliveries, rental issues, drawing up minutes, collecting invoices, , etc or in more structural aspects like corporate law or accompanying distressed companies. 


All too often, we see that the contact between two sides is sensitive and a conflictuous legal procedure does not bring a real solution. Despite their differences, parties often will have to find a way forward together and don’t want to burn all bridges.
Thanks to specific courses in this field an associate in our practice has been trained into mediation. This means that he can serve as a mediator to come to a negotiated outcome between parties. On top of this, as experienced counselor he has the necessary skills to think out of the box and to reach constructive solutions.
This way disputes can often be solved outside of the courtroom, leading to a discrete, fast and directed handling of the conflict. 


Not all conflicts can be solved through negotiations or mediation. All of our counselors have extensive hands-on experience and will vigorously defend your case in front of the judge. Thanks to our sound knowledge or the procedural rules and applicable laws and jurisdiction, we will defend your interests in a very clear way to the judge. 


We understand that your case does not stop at getting a judgement or reaching an agreement. We also consider it our duty to assist you in reaching the execution of the former. We maintain strong contacts with a number of bailiffs, who will assist us in effectively converting an agreement or judgement into reality.


Or by forfeit when the file permits, in which are included both the fees and the costs of our firm (ex. 750€ for a road traffic case). 

Or by management

Fees are charged at the hourly rate: 125€ for services and 90€ for waiting and travel times.

The firm's fees are charged with the following rates: 

  • opening and management of the file: 40€
  • displacement per km: 0,50€
  • shipping costs by registered mail: 10€
  • typing fee by post: 7€
  • outgoing phone communication per minute: 0,50€

Costs outside the office (ex. bailiff, court fees, etc.) are counted as extra.   

The fees mentioned above must be increased with VAT of 21%.